MaGuCha is exclusively made from indian Tea.


I discovered Kombucha on my travels through the indian sub continent.

I found it on my last stop of my journey, in a small  Restaurant called Premab on the beach of Gorkana, Karnataka, not guessing that it would change my life so much.

Right at the first sweet and tangy swig , I realized that this is no ordinary softdrink .


Back in Berlin , I investigated further, what i was drinking and to my excitement , i found plenty of scientific studies and non scientific statements, recipes and interest groups, that all confirmed what I intuitively felt, when i had that first swig. 


Out of gratefulness for this twist of fate, i decided to solemnly use indian tea for brewing my kombucha.

What is even more important, to act in accordance with the concept of MaGuCha, is that the tea is bought from small and independent, organic farms.

Assam is one of the worlds largest tea growing regions and after researching for a while, we found Assamica Agro, in Sonipur, Assam , India. 

Assamica Agro is a small privately run plantation, that is working strictly according to the standards of the NPOP (National Programme for Organic Production) .

Applying the 'Vrikshayurveda Organic Farming Method‘ Assamica Agro's  tea harvest and final product is of the highest quality, rich on phytochemicals and free of pesticides and artificial fertilizers.



                are the poorest of the poorest in Assam. 

They are an uprooted, yet Adivasi stands for the original inhabitants of the subcontinent.

After being moved there by the British from their original land about a 150 years ago to work on their tea plantations, they are still in Assam.

Even though they have lived there for this long, they are still not completely accepted by many of the original people of Assam.

It’s a hatred that led to bloody and fatal assaults on villages, killing many children and women in brutal attacks as well as sexual assaults on Adivasi women in broad daylight. 

At present , most of the plantation workers are descendants of these Adivasis and their wage is still as low as 150 years ago. The outcome of this mal treatment and exploitation are extreme poverty, homelessness, low education, child labour and high children mortality rate.

There are already successful initiatives and organization  in place that are helping to put an end to the suffering, yet there is still more to do.

Infrastructure need to be installed, Families and Associations need support, financial and knowledge set up small plantations on their land to build a better financial foundation.

There are also Organizations like feminismindia.com, that are defending women’s rights and are fighting against violence and exploitation of women and girls.

here some informative links :






MaGuCha Kombucha is a healthy drink , made of fresh ingredients and without artificial additives.

But MaGuCha is about more than that! MaGuCha is about, sustainanblilty, transparency, fairness and equal rights. 

This is the reason why we are not only buying our tea for small plantations, but we will also donate a small part from the sale of every bottle to to organization that support the installation of a function infrastructure, education and that help , support and consult self help groups in Assam. 

Organisation with sustainable projects in the region.


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